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Pathfinder Society

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Welcome to the Pathfinder Society

On Golarion, the world of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, the Pathfinder Society is an organization of explorers, vagabonds, sages, and treasure hunters determined to plumb the depths of the darkest tombs, and collect relics and lore from bygone ages. Every member shares one common dream: to contribute to the Pathfinder Chronicles, printed editions of secret lore coveted by the Society wherein only the most impressive finds and bravest exploits of the Pathfinders are immortalized.

Pathfinders are a diverse bunch of scoundrels and wanderers. Their loyalties lie on all shores of the Inner Sea, and beyond their adventures as Pathfinders, they often find themselves mixed up in the murky politics of Absalom and the five nations who seek to control the City at the Center of the World from behind the scenes. The campaign centers on the sprawling city of Absalom, where five factions engage in a shadow war for control of the city's politics and economy.

In Pathfinder Society Organized Play, you play a member of the Pathfinder Society, seeking fortune and glory all over the face of Golarion. At the same time, your character works for one of the five competing nation-based factions, all with their own motivations and secret agendas.

Pathfinder Society Organized Play is a constantly evolving mega-campaign played by thousands of players and the adventures you experience are shared by players around the world. Play is organized into Seasons, throughout which the actions and achievements of you and your fellow Pathfinders create an ongoing storyline. Each season consists of at least 28 Pathfinder Society scenarios (short, 4-hour adventures) set in a variety of exotic locations across Golarion.


Pathfinder Society Links

Pathfinder Society Main Page
What is the PFS, How to join, Register your Character,  Forums, Events

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook
How to order the main PF RPG Rule Book ($49.99) and PDF ($9.99)

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document
Free site containing the core rules

Pathfinder Wiki
The Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Pathfinder Society Scenarios Played

 PlayerPFS #Scenarios Played
 Scott W. 1989-1 1-2-3-4-29
  1989-3 7-8-11-14-19-23-33-35-24-39-43-45
 Scott Z. 5590-1 1-7-8-24-29-30-33-39

Scenarios by Level

LevelPFS #Season Title
1-510Silent Tide 
1-520The Hydra's Fang Incident 
1-530Murder on the Silken Caravan 
1-540The Frozen Fingers of Midnight 
1-550Mists of Mwangi 
1-560Black Waters 
1-580Slave Pits of Absalom 
1-590Eye of the Crocodile King 
1-5110The Third Riddle 
1-5130The Prince of Augustana 
1-5230Tide of Morning 
1-5331Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible 
1-5391The Citadel of Flame 
1-5451Delirium's Tangle 
1-5471The Darkest Vengeance 
1-7371The Beggar's Pearl
1-7240Decline of Glory 
1-7291Shipyard Rats 
1-7301Cassomir's Locker 
1-770Among the Living 
1-7100Blood at Dralkard Manor 
1-7120Stay of Execution 
1-7190Skeleton Moon 
1-7170Perils of the Pirate Pact 
1-7140Many Fortunes of Grandmaster Torch
1-7150Asmodeus Mirage
1-7351Voice in the Void 
1-7411Crypt of Fools 
1-7431The Pallid Plague 
1-7481Rules of the Swift 
1-7491Among the Dead 
1-7511The Shadow Gambit 
1-7521The Twofold Demise 
5-9160To Scale the Dragon 
5-9210The Eternal Obelisk
5-9180Trouble with Secrets
5-9250Hands of the Muted God 
5-9311Sniper in the Deep 
5-9270Our Lady of Silver 
5-9501Fortune's Blight 
7-11200King Xeros of Old Azlant 
7-11220Fingerprints of the Fiend 
7-11260Lost at Bitter End 
7-11321Drow of the Darklands Pyramid 
7-11361Prisoner of Skull Hill
7-11341Encounter at the Drowning Stones 
7-11280Lyrics of Extinction 
7-11441Terror at Whistledown 
7-11381No Plunder, No Pay 
7-11421The Watcher of Ages 
7-11401Hall of Drunken Heroes 
7-11531The Faithless Dead 
12461Requiem for the Red Raven 
12541The Maze of the Open Road 

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