Friendly City O.G.R.E.s

Gamers in and around Athens, tn


After living in Athens, TN for about 2 years starting in 1999, I finally was able to contact another gamer via the Knoxville Gamers Forums, which at the time, was the only gaming group I was aware of in the area despite it being over 50 miles away.

This other gamer was interested in playing card and miniature games. We hooked up and played about every weekend, games like the Star Wars TCG, L5R CCG, Hero Clix, and Mage Knight. After awhile I got him and several first time gamers to play D&D, which did not last very long due to scheduling.

 He then found some other gamers in the area which started a more or less weekly game session where we played D&D mostly, but tried out many other RPGs. This group led to the creation of the ,Tennessee Valley Gamers Association, or TVGA, in November of 2003.

 The forums of the TVGA was pretty active for several years but after most key members moved up closer to Knoxville, our weekly games came to an end due to the distance involved. The Forums however continued to be a place were we kept in contact daily, discussing everything from games and movies to books and TV shows. After some internal disputes between several members the majority of the daily posters formed their own group and the TVGA is but a shadow of what it once was.

 But through the TVGA I met some great friends in Athens and we played D&D at least once a week if not more, which led to the creation of this website.  I hope to connect with other gamers in the area and get a thriving gaming community going. I have went from not having any gamers at all to game with to having to turn some away because of not enough room at the table. Hopefully in the future we can continue to grow.